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Hammock Tubes

Tubes made from rectangular pieces of silnylon can easily be built by those who can sew. A hammock tube can be made by cutting a full width (60 inch) rectangle of silnylon between 6 and 8 inches in length. The ends of the hammock tube that meet in the middle are simply hemmed. Then sew the tube with a 1/4 inch seam allowance for its long length.

There are two ways to finish the end that faces the tree. 

One method is to sew a half inch hem on that end of the rectangle and insert a 12-18" long drawstring.  This is pulled tight around the webbing or hammock rope.

The other method, and one that I prefer, is to sew two diagonal seams forming a cone shaped end to the hammock tube. These seams are sewn while the tube is still inside out and create an opening just large enough for the hammock webbing or rope to be passed through.  This method does a better job of shedding water from the hammock during rain storms. 

Apply a similar tube to the other end. When the two ends meet in the middle they will overlap and make a reasonably water resistant package containing the hammock.

The hammock in tube can be stuffed in a sack or dropped in the pack.

Advantages of hammock tubes are:
- they keep my hammock clean when I lay it on the ground during the process of putting it up
- if I need to put the hammock up in the rain, the tube keeps the hammock dry
- if I want to use the tarp for other than sleeping, I can easily close the hammock up into a sausage that is up and over my head most of the time.

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