Whipping the end of of a Hammock

It has been suggested that I document the method I use to whip the end of a hammock so it does not need to be tied in an overhand knot.

First, the end of the hammock is folded either by accordion folding or by folding in layers.  Once the end is folded, it is gathered into a thin rope-like bundle that can be whipped.

Here I am using a 24 inch 1/8th inch polyester cord.  A shoestring can be substituted. I am holding the end of the cord with my right thumb (to the left in the picture) I have made a loop toward my left hand and held it down with one wrap of the polyester cord.

Here, I have added several more wraps over the original loop, until the end of the cord is passed through the end of the loop at the end of the last wrap.

Next, I pull on the end that began under my right thumb. this pulls the end of the cord tightly against the other wrappings or slightly under it.

Next, I put the end of my support 1 inch webbing around the hammock.

This is what the hammock, whipping, and webbing look like after a week of hammock camping.

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