Instructions for making an HTML file for BGT
MS Front Page

The instructions below assume the writer has Microsoft Front Page.
For a new approach using the free NVU editor click here.

- Open the page and begin writing in whatever font it starts in.
- At the end of paragraphs, use <shift><enter> instead of <enter>
-- In Front Page, to keep track of this turn on the button in front page that looks like lb upside down. End of paragraph markers will show as either upside down "lb" for <enter> or as a right angle arrow for <shift><enter>
- Write to the end of the report and then correct spelling, grammar, and content issues.
- Optional nice things:
-- Select all the text and change it to a different font if desired
-- Select the title and center it if desired, even change the color to red or blue if desired. (Most other colors do not upload to BGT)
- Save html file
- Upload to test folder.

For people that want to include a picture, the simple instructions are:
- Save the picture so that it is smaller than 100 kb in size
- Insert the picture in the text at the appropriate spot.
- Modify the picture properties to have an alternate text (not doing so will generate a BGT upload error)
- Optional nice things:
-- Center the picture:
--- At the end of the preceding paragraph use two normal <Enter> s
--- Center the second enter
--- Insert the photo at the second paragraph marker.

Getting more and more fancy is possible, but becomes difficult quickly. I usually point out the SG guidance which encourages simple clean html files instead of any competition to have very cool formatting.