Thinline Hammock Cord

Midsummer Hammock
Ideas from Risk

August 2004



Here are a couple ideas for improving hammock camping along Ultralight lines.  

I ran into a strong cord I had not previously considered on the West Marine website.  The cord is T-100 cord, and has a Spectra core.  The 3/32 inch line has a breaking strength of 950 pounds, which is more than any of the webbing I have ever used on hammocks.  


Hennessy Knot with 3/32 inch Thinline

I tie it to tree hugging polyester 1 inch webbing.  Tom Hennessey's knot works well in this regard.  


Attachment to Hammock with a loop

-On the hammock end, I form a loop with an overhand knot, and then form a constricting loop around the hammock, near the whipping I used at the end oft the hammock shell.


Attaching Bugnet to the line

Gone are the buckles and clips.  Now I just attach some Velcro to the grosgrain ribbon along the bug net's centerline.  I fold the velcro over the suspension line and back on the net.  This forms a tight ridgeline in the bugnet, keeping it off my face.  

Reverse showing the Velcro attachment

Here the Velcro can be seen on the reverse of the previous picture.  If the first picture is now looked at again, the end of the hammock and the bugnet are covered with the end of the hammock tubes on each end.  The end of the line is used to form a drip line.  

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