Single Pole


With a Tree Too!



We heard it would work.  It does!


After reading about the method of supporting a hammock with a pole, I didn't give it another thought.  It seemed like it was impossible to balance on one pole all night.  Experimental evidence has pointed out the converse.  Not only is the hammock able to be supported with one pole, it is quite stable.



This is the set-up:  tied to a tree on the left and to a simulated root or bumper or rock on the right.  I tried this with tent stakes without success.  Like always, the pull on the stake is MUCH greater than anything a tent usually puts on a stake.  Even two stakes in tandem could not support my weight.


What surprised me was how stable the set up is.  Below, I am pushing the pole about 30 degrees out of the vertical.  It just comes back to center when I let go.  This worked for pushing from either side.



It is important to find the right spot to put the ground end of the pole.  Sit in the hammock and see which way it leans.  Within a few moments the sweet, center spot can be found.  It is sensitive to the right quarter inch or so.  A half inch off and it will still support me, but the pole will not be straight.




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