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Double the Fun

Hammocking Side by Side


One is the loneliest number!


A pleasure for married couples is saying sweet nothings to each other as they fall asleep.  After a great day outdoors, it can be very reassuring to bump into one another and know the other is there.


Like old fashioned "bundling" you can be with someone and yet apart.  


One advantage is putting up a single tarp and using the best pair of trees together.


Another is that you can kiss goodnight - I know - I did.


Update: July 2003


EllieD and I have now set out hammocks up in a V formation several times, as suggested by Ed Speer in a post.  It works great and allows us to share the same tarp in reasonable weather. 



Here is a picture of the two hammocks set side by side.  EllieD is a little frustrated I am interrupting her nursing continuing education.  She is also a little frustrated that the temp is hovering around 90.



Under a little shade, the hammocks became even more comfortable.



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