A couple hours work and there is a hammock stand

Risk's $25
Hammock Stand


Here is a simple little stand which will allow hammock camping in a parking lot, in a grassy field at a campground, at trail days, just about anywhere.  It was developed for use at Rainbow Springs campground.  The Material list is:


- (2) 10 ' 2x4

- (1) 8 ' 2x4

- (1) 10' 1 1/8 inch galvanized tube, used for top rail of chain link fence

- 4' x 4'  1/4 inch plywood

- box of 2 1/2 " drywall screws

- box of 1 1/2" drywall screws


Cost should be about $25 in 2004 dollars



Cut the galvanized tube in half with a pipe cutter or with a hack saw.  Put the swaged end into the end of the other piece of pipe.  Now cut one end of the tube to 10' in length   


Cut each of the 2x4s in half.  

Cut the 4 x 4 plywood in half, then cut two 2'x2' triangles off each piece.  

Cut 2' x 3" strips off two of the triangles.  The rest of these two triangles is scrap.

Cut (4) 1" x 2" rectangles from the scrap.



The black square is the 4 x 4 piece of plywood.  Cut along the red line and then along the red/maroon lines.  The two triangles marked with a blue X are not used.



Your pile of parts should look a lot like this above.  


Attach the small rectangles to the bottom edges of the two 4' 2x4s.  It looks nice to cut a small triangle of the 2x4 off each of the edges.



At the bottom is the 4' 2x4.  Square to it, at its midpoint, place a 5' 2x4.  1.5" drywall screws to attach one of the large triangles to the end piece.  



Turn the end piece over and use the end of the pipe to mark a circle on the inside surface of the upright, 2" from the top end.  Use a 1/4 in wood chisel to cut a 3/4 inch deep socket for the tube.  This may be easier if  a 1 1/8 in hole saw is available.   A set screw holds the pipe in place while tying the hammock up at a later stage.

Change, Dec 2005

There is a much easier way to attach the pipe.  Simply nail a 3 inch nail or a long screw where the galvanized pipe should go.  The hammock will pull the two 2x4s on the ends toward each other.  The only purpose of the nail or screw is to hang the pipe from during set-up. 


Fasten the 24" x 3" strips to the two remaining 5' 2x4s.  



Then turn over one 2x4 and flip it on its length.  This will allow a sandwich of the two 2x4s between the two pieces of plywood.  Use drywall screws to complete the bottom brace.   


Screw one of the small triangles to the end of the bottom brace and then slide the plywood to the edge of the vertical support.  Now screw the upright edge of the small triangle to the upright.  Use two 2 1/2 " screws to attach the bottom brace to the end piece.


All the parts are now complete.



Assemble as shown here.  


If a tarp is needed, it can be tied to the uprights below the tube.  


To disassemble, remove the tube.  Then remove the two screws on each end from the small triangle where it meets the upright.  Remove the  two screws that attach the bottom brace to the end pieces.  They may be left partially in the piece.  Then disassemble the bottom brace by removing 4 screws, two from each side.   


Assembly and disassembly takes me about 5 minutes with a drill.  It would take a little longer with a screwdriver.  


It packs tightly and flat in a pickup... either a six foot or 8 foot bed.  It may fit in some cars.  




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