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Overlap Pad

A way to get extra warmth from a light pad



This is an easy, inexpensive way to get increased warmth in a hammock using the Target blue pad.  It came to me about 2 AM on a nippy night while I was trying to keep my shoulders warm.  


pad cut in half

I started with the standard Target Pad and cut it in half so that each half is 36 inches long.  


Target Pad, cut in half

Next I stacked the two halves so that the combined pad is a full 38 inches wide and the sides of the hammock where my shoulders, back, and knees go (depending on whether I am on my back or my side) are protected by foam.  Now I do not need to push a bunch of insulation between my side and the side of the hammock.  

in hammockFinally, I insert the pad into a double bottom hammock.  The double bottom keeps the pad in place and it does not move around.  If carefully placed, the pad protects from shoulder to below my hip.  It did not seem necessary to have a pad under my lower legs or feet.  This really surprised me.  Perhaps when the temps dip below freezing I will need a small pad under my feet.  

The part of the pad directly under me is now twice as thick.  This is superb, because that is where most of my weight is, and where the foam is pressed to it's thinnest.  Because it is now thicker, I sleep warmer.


I have used this down to freezing with my new home-made 1 pound down quilt.  It was nice and toasty! 

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