A simple little twig stove made from a coffee can

It has been several months since the development of the Forge series of stoves.  After that I developed some wood gas stoves using the ideas of Ray Garlington.  This stove takes some of the forge ideas, some of the wood gas stove ideas, and an idea from the Cat Stove which burns alcohol.  

The concept is a stove which mixes air well with fuel, but does not require a fan.  It uses the same coffee can I used for the Forge series, which has the great fortune to fit inside the 3 cup AntiGravity pot.  

This stove is made by cutting the coffee can off at the second ring from one end.  The sharp edge is cut every cm with 2mm slits with a tin snip and then using a pair of pliers, the edge is turned down to make it safe.  

Six holes are evenly spaced around the circumference.  These are made with a small "church key" can opener.  In three of the holes, I used a drill to make a hole in the bent in section.  This is to hold the bottom of three coat hanger bent wire pot holders.  Above each of the three drill holes, I also drilled a hole near the open rim of the stove.  Using a pair of pliers, I bent the side in just a bit, so the L shaped coat hanger holders can be held by the hole near the rim and by the hole near the bottom.  I left a 1 inch space between the open rim of the stove and the bend that holds the pot.  This allows adding twig fuel to the fire.  

The stove fits nicely in the 3 cup pot.

Here, the stove is upside down in the pot.

Taking the stove out, there is room for a pot holder and fire starter.

The 6 air vents and three pot supports are clearly seen.

The mounting of the pot supports is seen here as well as the gap between
the top rim of the stove and the bend on the pot support.

The fire is started with a little bit of cardboard and wax fire starter and quickly begins to draw through the 6 holes.  Anyplace with small twigs has enough fuel to get a couple cups of water boiling in a few minutes, even without a windscreen.  I usually use a couple hats of twigs to cook a supper or breakfast.  


Good news!  No more carrying of battery or fan or fuel, other than fire starter and matches.


Alternate fuel:  This may work with Esbit tabs.  Esbit tab pieces can also be used as fire starter.


Actual weight 3.0 oz (90 g)
Total cost: Free if one drinks coffee.
Time: About 30 minutes to build.


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